Hall Rental

Host your next event at our hall

235 Pine Ave. West Berlin, NJ 08091

Phone: 856-768-7191

Rental Cost: $450 plus a $200 security deposit.

Your deposit will be returned after the hall key is returned and the hall has been inspected for any damage.

NEW Hall Rules

The Hall has recently been renovated. Please read our new Rules before renting the Hall!
  • Your rental date is not confirmed until your payment has been received by the hall rental coordinator.
  • You are not permitted to enter the hall before 10:00 am on your contracted rental date. This means you cannot setup or leave anything in the hall the day or the night before your date.
    No exception no matter who you are... please don’t ask.
  • Your event must be completed by midnight. You are in a residential neighborhood. Any disturbance to the residents may result in criminal charges.
  • You are forbidden from putting any type of decoration on the walls, ceiling or any structure in or around the building. This means that you agree not to pin, staple, tape, hang, post, suspend or otherwise attach anything on the walls, ceiling or any other structure within the building. NO EXCEPTIONS! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT!
  • You agree to take responsibility for any damages – accidental or intentional – that may occur during your rental period.
  • You will take FULL responsibility to ensure that no ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE will be served or consumed by anyone under the age of 21.
  • You agree to take FULL responsibility to ensure that no intoxicated person will be permitted to operate a motor vehicle after leaving the FOP Lodge 56 building.
  • Music volume levels shall be kept at a level that will not disturb any of the neighbors regardless of the time of day.
  • Attendees of your event MUST remain inside of the building during your event.
  • No food and /or decoration shall remain in the building at the conclusion of your event. Items left behind will be thrown away.
  • You will take responsibility for any person or persons who are injured or cause injury to another while attending my event.
  • You agree to pick up an access key at the Berlin Twp Police Dept. (135 SH RT 73 South – West Berlin NJ - 856-767-5878) during the week prior to my rental date.
  • You agree to return the access key no later than the first working day after your event.
  • The hall is equipped with tables and chairs enough to hold 110 people comfortably. If you are planning to dance, consider invited less than 100 guests.
  • The hall is also equipped with a full size kitchen. Refridgerator/freezer, range, oven and microwave.
  • The bar is complete with a double beer tap, triple sink, ice machine and soda cooler box. The renter must supply all food, utensils, beverages and paper product.
 Calendar for rental dates
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235 Pine Avenue West Berlin NJ, 08091 West Berlin, NJ 08091 856-768-7191